hoover canister vacuumHoover Canister Vacuum Cleaner Bagged UH30010COM

The Hoover Canister Vacuum Cleaner Platinum UH30010COM has no hose accessories. The time you buy this vacuum cleaner, there is an accompanied canister vacuum. Like the regular upright vacuum cleaner, the canister will perform all the task but it is more like you are carrying it.

Carrying a canister if you are doing the carpet cleaning is not an impressive procedure. Although it is lighter in weight, it has a container for dust particle collection.

Hoover UH30010COM Upright Vacuum Cleaner’s Designhoover canister vacuum

The Hoover Canister Vacuum or simply Hoover UH30010COM can perform better result compare to a regular upright vacuum cleaner. Because it has no hose attached, there is only one way in cleaning the area.

Cleaning the edges of the floor is also not a problem. This vacuum cleaner has an advanced wind tunnel design that is specifically design to have additional suction power to difficult area like the floor edges.

The Hoover Canister vacuum has a cool elements of design. The power switch settings has a Led headlight with HI and LO label. Aside from that, the suction settings has a led headlight too.

Hoover Canister Vacuum Platinum DesignHoover UH30010COM

The canister vacuum as what Hoover call it, you need to carry this unit if in operation. It has a accompanied strap which you can attach it to the unit. Put the strap over your shoulder and you can carry the unit during cleaning.

Unlike any regular handheld vacuum cleaner or canister, This Hoover UH30010COM canister has a hose that is attached to the wand. In floor area with hard surface, use the tool for hard floor cleaning.

At the base of the hose, you can find a pronged clip of three. This is for the purpose of easy access of the tool you are using upon cleaning.

The  Hoover canister vacuum has a bag but it is not like with the upright vacuum cleaner that is self sealed. With its small size, you cannot store that much of the dust or dirt.


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